web hosting


why do we provide web hosting?

Years ago when aki creative was just beginning we used shared solutions like GoDaddy for web hosting. Sure, it was cheap but it also meant we were sharing the server with other web sites that we couldn't control. The server would go down and we couldn't do anything about it. Now we are in control and we can act fast to make sure our clients stay up and running.

Now we run our own server. We know what sites are running. It does mean more work for us, but we want to make sure that your site is there when someone wants to buy your product or simply find your phone number.

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Only 15 for Hosting
EmailAs many accounts as you can fit.
Regular SupportPhone support during business hours
After Hour SupportEmail support

The server is monitored all the time, find out more information here about the server and how we make sure you are never down.

Hosting packages are billed monthly at $15 (credit card only) or $165 annually (1 month free). Of course we have to charge you tax where applicable.

Have a special need? Maybe you want email only? Or maybe you want a lot more space. Contact us and we can figure something out.

additional add-ons

SSL certificates

You may need to make sure the data you are collecting is secure, maybe you want an online store.

Starting at$60 annually

DNS Routing

By default, DNS routing is handled by our server, but you may want a third party. This is great if you host your email elsewhere, this will keep your email running in the small chance the web server has a hiccup.

PricingContact us

IP address

By default you will be on a shared IP address. But if you have an SSL you do need your own IP address. Unfortunately we have to pay for them, so you will have to also.

Add to your hosting$1 more monthly

Offsite Backups

The server is backed up nightly, you can also create your own back up... just to be safe. We can also provide a service that will back up your entire site and data nightly to a different location all together. Read more about this here.

Scheduled Backup